Q & A

Beta-glucan are found in variety of grains which includes wheat, barley, oats and other grains. Not all oat bran powders are the same as the properties of the oat bran powder differs. Oat bran powder is a good source of beta glucan.

Oats BioBG is a brand of oat bran products from BIO GRAIN, rich in soluble and insoluble dietary fiber to promote healthy living and wellness. Oats BIOBG contains 44 % of dietary fiber of which 22% are soluble fiber (beta glucan)

Beta-glucan are classified by their molecular weights and coupled with their solubility are important factors affecting the viscosity. Clinical studies have shown that oats beta-glucan of high molecular weight and good solubility resulted in high viscosity which can help in lowering your blood cholesterol level.

Oats BIOBG has high molecular weight and excellent solubility and when mixed with water or juices formed a viscous solution. When soluble fiber is being digested, it turns in to viscous solution. In the intestines, the formation of gel that lines the intestinal wall will block the cholesterol and fats (from food) from being absorbed into the blood system.

Oats BIOBG from Sweden has be clinically studied and proven to help to reduce cholesterol if 3g of beta-glucan is consumed daily.

Yes, it is safe to consume Oats BIOBG and there are no adverse side effects from consuming the product. The product does contain high protein level and traces of gluten.

Unlike medicine/drugs which have side effects after prolong consumption. Oats BIOBG, a food base product, manufactured by proprietary technology helps preserve its natural form. Oats BIOBG is a safe and drug free way to help reduce your cholesterol level. It has other benefits as well.

Oats BIOBG is targeted at individuals with hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol level). Individuals who are seeking a change to a healthy lifestyle as well as those who are health conscious and who like to maintain their health.

Yes, you may consume Oats BIOBG for health maintenance. Oats BIOBG not only helps to reduce cholesterol, it also helps to improve your gut health, regulate glucose level as well as weight management.

You should consume at least 3 grams of beta-glucan daily before meal. For best results, consume it 30 minutes before breakfast. In order to achieve 3 grams of beta-glucan, your daily intake should be 14 grams (2 scoops) of Oats BIOBG Powder. You can consume more than 3 grams per day as the product is dosage responsive.

You shall not mix the oat bran powder with hot water, for pure oat bran powder drink, you can just mix it with room temperature or cold water. Else, you may mix the powder with your favorite drinks for example soy milk, milk, or sprinkle it on salad as an alternative and interesting way to consume the product.